Let me tell about myself...

Let me tell you about myself…

I am a Flower Designer with a free soul.
I encounter dreams and express emotions.

From my parents I inherited the creativity , the freedom , the courage for new challenges and the yearning to experiment.
My father was a choreographer and my mother a dancer and up until the age of 8 years old I lived in a camper and traveled the world. I think it is for this reason that I have a creative, free and observant nature.

In the past I was a decorative artist, created jewelry as well as candles. I have always loved creating and giving life to things. One day I met the flowers and their poetry and I immediately fell in love with their free soul. They are powerful to the point where they are capable of moving you.

To me flowers are an instrument of creation. They are a tool that I use to express my ideas and to make dreams come true for the people that trust in me.

- Lucrezia Albrizio -


Criluflower is my stage name that I have used since elementary school. Even back then I adored creating. It’s my lucky charm, it’s my voyage in the heart of real emotions. in three words:

Creative, Empathetic, Resilient

What can I do for you?

I develop and create floral arrangements that you have always dreamed of for your wedding day as well as for special events.


I start with a consultation

The first thing is to meet either in person or in a video call.  During this phase I want to understand more about you, your personal tastes and your wishes.


I create the floral project

After I have understood your needs, I study the color palette that are more your style and create a floral arrangement complete in every detail. Even the ones that you have never thought of.


I visit and inspect the site and location where the wedding will be held

Once the project has been approved, I inspect the location where the wedding will be in order to establish with preciseness how to create the floral arrangement.


I create the floral arrangement

Starting from the project, the flowers and the material that I have chosen for you, I create the floral arrangements along with all the details that will make your wedding or event a unique one. Furthermore, if necessary, I can be present during the wedding cerimony or event.

Looking for a Floral Designer for your event in Pienza or throughout Tuscany?

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