..Flowers in my head,
Journeys in my heart..

Flowers in my head, Journeys in my Heart...

With my creativity and artistic inspiration I develop ideas and with my hands I make dreams come true.

I am a Floral Designer in Pienza and the Orcia valley
where you will find stretches of golden wheat fields, flourishing green hills and breathtaking landscapes
that suspend your thoughts.

Floral Arrangements for weddings in Tuscany


Have you found exactly what you were looking for?

Floral Designer for weddings and special events in Pienza

I develop and create floral arrangements for weddings, cerimonies and special events in Pienza and throughout Tuscany. Siena and Val D’Orcia are located between Montepulciano and Montecatini which are the perfect location for picturesque and charming weddings and for events that will remain unforgettable .

I am your Floral Designer if:

You love flower arrangements that have character

You are looking for new ideas

Attention to detail is fundamental to you.

What do I do for you?

I develop and make floral arrangements of your dreams.

How do I make it happen? I simply start from you


I listen to your needs and try to understand your tastes,  I  ask the right questions and annotate your wishes



I choose the color palette  that are perfect for you and develop a floral arrangement that can give voice and fragrance  to your dreams.



Not only do I share with you my ideas but also the emotions and desires of the most beautiful and important day of your life as a couple.


I think up and create. I bring to life my project and give life to your dreams.



I Love Nature and I Love to Create

What I love most about my profession as a Floral Designer is the possibility to create  through nature.

I love bringing to life an idea, an emotion, a memory through colors, fragrances and flowers.


Stories of Today, Memories of Tomorrow

Francesco & Giada
Alessio & Alessia
Ana & Adam

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That's what they said about me...

pio burger
pio burger
Non ha soddisfatto solo le mie aspettative….ha fatto molto molto di più!!!!!!! FAVOLOSA
We were fully impressed by the beauty of the decorations and flowers created by Lucrezia. She is super professional and nice and even though we communicated only online she understood our needs and our taste fully. I was so happy to see the final result, she came up with exactly what I dreamed about. Grateful! Thank you a lot!
Samantha Pasqui
Samantha Pasqui
Che dire.. Lucrezia è la regina dei fiori, una professionista a 360 gradi. Creativa, disponibile, sempre sul pezzo…Ci ha aiutato a realizzare al meglio tutte le nostre idee per l’allestimento floreale del nostro matrimonio. Non potevamo fare una scelta migliore! Consigliatissima!
alessia angelini
alessia angelini
Lucrezia è una professionista eccellente ha curato l'allestimento floreale del nostro matrimonio in maniera impeccabile, centrando perfettamente la nostra idea ed il nostro stile. Sono veramente soddisfatta del suo lavoro!
Alfredo Redi
Alfredo Redi
Lucrezia è brillante, gentilissima e ricca di entusiasmo; grazie alle sue installazioni floreali ha reso un giorno bellissimo in meraviglioso, ha accolto con entusiasmo i nostri gusti addobbando tutto in modo meraviglioso riuscendo a creare le location fiabesche ed incantevoli.
Giada Elleri
Giada Elleri
Meravigliosa!! Ci siamo affidati a Criluflower per l'allestimento floreale del nostro matrimonio, fin dal primo momento ha saputo ascoltare ed instaurare con noi una grande affinità fino a trasformare la nostra idea in un capolavoro. Con la sua creatività, simpatia e professionalità, Lucrezia ha saputo creare l'atmosfera che sognavamo, i fiori erano davvero splendidi e accostati tra loro in modo estremamente naturale e spontaneo.
frequently asked questions


If you are in the area we can physically meet in my studio in Pienza otherwise we can meet by setting up a video call appointment on Skype, Googe Meet or WhatsApp.

In order to confirm our floral services and schedule the date it is necessary a 30% down payment of the total amount of the floral arrangements.

The remaining balance is due 20 days prior the wedding. We accept payments made by using PayPal, Bank Transfer, POS, cash or credit card

I start from the first meeting with you that can be either in presence or in video call. I will ask you some questions. You will tell me about yourself, your preferences, wishes, needs and likings.

On the basis of all the information I collect from you, I elaborate the project and prepare a presentation.